Workflow Editor doesn't load

This can happen if you modified the bitrise.yml / workflow configuration in a way which crashes the Workflow Editor UI.

If this would happen please contact us so we can fix the issue in the UI code, then you can fix the bitrise.yml through our API.

You can find an example of how the API works on GitHub. In short, you can use a simple curl call to download & to upload an app's config / bitrise.yml to bitrise.io.

With the API you can download the bitrise.yml from bitrise.io even if it breaks the Workflow Editor UI, fix it locally and then upload the fixed bitrise.yml with another API call.

To download the bitrise.yml of an app using curl:

curl https://www.bitrise.io/api/app/BITRISE_APP_SLUG/config/download.yml?api_token=BITRISE_APP_API_TOKEN

Where to get the App Slug and API Token?

You can find both the app's App Slug and the API Token on the Code tab of the app on bitrise.io.

Save the bitrise.yml into a file, fix it, then you can upload it with another curl call.

To upload the bitrise.yml:

curl -X POST --data-urlencode "app_config_datastore_yaml=$(cat path/to/bitrise.yml)" https://www.bitrise.io/api/app/BITRISE_APP_SLUG/config/upload.yml?api_token=BITRISE_APP_API_TOKEN

Note: make sure that you set the right path/to/bitrise.yml - specify the path of the bitrise.yml file where you saved the fixed bitrise.yml!