Setting up configuration

After Setting up the SSH key for your project, Bitrise will download your code to make sure it can access the repository and will run an automatic repository scanner script to find the best initial configuration for your project. Currently Bitrise will detect iOS, Android, Xamarin and fastlane projects out of the box.

You can configure other types of projects too, but that will require manual configuration.

Project configuration with automatic repository scanner

To validate and automatically scan your project you only need to tell Bitrise the default branch of your repository. During validation Bitrise will make sure it has access to the given branch, using the SSH key you set up.

After successful validation Bitrise will scan your repository and give you a default workflow

Skipping the scanner - full manual configuration

If for some reason you want to skip the scanner, you can choose the Configure manually without project scanning option, in the Validation setup section.

Configure manually without project scanning

By choosing this option bitrise.io will only validate the access to the repository, but it won't run the scanner. Instead, it'll present you the manual configuration options in the Project build configuration section.