Caching Carthage dependencies

Published at 2020-04-29

Carthage is a dependency manager for macOS and iOS: builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks. On Bitrise, we have a dedicated Step to handle Carthage dependencies in your build, and of course you can cache these dependencies.

Configuring Carthage caching

To cache Carthage dependencies:

  1. Make sure you have the Cache:Pull and Cache:Push Steps in your Workflow.
  2. Set the Carthage command to run input of the Carthage Step to bootstrap.
  3. Go to the Cache:Push Step and find the Cache paths input.
  4. On a new line, add the path to your Carthage directory and indicate that it should be cached if the Cartfile.resolved changes:

    ./Carthage -> ./Cartfile.resolved

Carthage directory path

If your Carthage directory is not in the root of your repository, specify the path to the Carthage directory and to Cartfile.resolved relative to the root of the repository.