Monitoring your builds with Meercode

Published at 2020-12-01

Meercode is a real-time build monitoring, dashboarding, and analytics solution for CI/CD pipelines. It integrates with your Bitrise account smoothly to provide your team with valuable insights into your build data.

Among other things, with Meercode you can:

With Meercode’s analysis and visualization tools:

Integrating Meercode with Bitrise

  1. Create a Meercode account, if you haven’t already done it. You can use Github or Google authentication.
  2. Acquire a Personal Access Token from your Bitrise account. Check out our guide on the subject: Acquiring a Personal Access Token
  3. On the Integrations panel, select Bitrise and enter your Personal Access Token.

  4. After selecting organizations and repositories to monitor, your dashboard and insights tabs will be ready to use.

CI build monitoring on Meercode

To monitor your builds:

  1. Log in to your Meercode account.
  2. Open Dashboard Tab from the left menu to see an overview of your running and completed builds.

CI Build Insights

  1. Open the Insights tab to access reports summarized from your historical build data.
  2. Use the filters on the top of the page to limit the results for a given date range, provider or organization.