Triggering builds with Git Tags

You can specify a pattern for your Git Tags to trigger a specific workflow. This is a good way to build and deploy your app in a specific state. And it’s very easy to set up!

Webhooks for triggering builds

Triggering builds automatically requires an incoming webhook set up with the hosting service of your repository. Read more in the Webhooks section.

Note that certain providers, such as GitLab, require Tag Push events to be specifically enabled in the webhook setup.

  1. Open your app on
  2. Open the Workflow Editor.
  3. Select the Triggers tab.
  4. Select the TAG option.

    Triggering builds with Git Tags

  5. Click + ADD TRIGGER.
  6. In the TAG window, add the tag that you wish to trigger a build.
  7. Select the workflow you wish to trigger (for example, primary).
  8. Click Save in the top right corner.

Using patterns when specifying a branch or tag

The * symbol can be used in your configured triggers as a wildcard in branch or tag names. It can also be used in patterns. For example, the pattern *-dev can be used for any branches or tags with the suffix -dev. Please note that when there are multiple triggers, only the first matching trigger will start a workflow.

And you’re done!