Creating a signed .ipa for Xamarin apps

You can easily create a signed .ipa file for your Xamarin app with Bitrise. All you need to do is set the relevant inputs of our Xamarin Archive Step!

Before you start

Before setting up .ipa export, make sure that:

iOS Auto Provision

Automatic provisioning with the iOS Auto Provision Step is not supported for Xamarin apps!

If you’re all set, proceed to setting up .ipa export in your Workflow.

Exporting an .ipa

  1. Make sure that you have the Xamarin Archive Step in your Workflow.
  2. Set the Xamarin solution configuration input of the Step to the Xamarin project Configuration you want to use (for example, Release).
  3. Set the Xamarin solution platform input to iPhone.

    You can control the code signing type in your Xamarin project by setting the code signing configurations in Xamarin Studio.

    Creating a signed .ipa for Xamarin apps

If you wish to use more than one code signing type (for example, to create both Ad-hoc and App Store signed apps), create more than one Release configuration in Xamarin Studio. Set the separate configurations to the types you want to use.

You can Copy the existing Release configuration in Xamarin Studio, to have an identical base configuration, where you only change the code signing settings. For example, Copy the Release iPhone configuration with the name ReleaseAppStore, set the code signing to App Store for this ReleaseAppStore configuration, and specify this configuration as the Xamarin solution configuration input of the Xamarin Archive Step.

Don’t forget to collect and upload the signing files again if you change code signing configurations in your Xamarin project!