Connecting to an Apple service with API key

Connecting to an Apple service (such as the App Store Connect or the Apple Developer Portal) with the API key requires that you first add your Apple service authentication data on our Apple Services Connection page, then an API key for your app.

The API key authentication is the recommended way when connecting Bitrise to Apple Services. You can have 50 API keys added to the Apple Services connection page but your project can use only one (selected in the Team tab).

No Step input modifications needed

With this method, all Step inputs related to authenticating with an Apple API key are automatically populated once the connection is set up. You don't have to manually modify those Step input fields at all.

Adding API key authentication data on Bitrise

  1. On App Store Connect, generate a new API key with Admin access under Users and Access.

    Admin access

    You must use the Admin role for the new App Store Connect API key! The Step and your build will fail if you set a different role.

  2. Log in to

  3. In the upper right corner, open the account selector dropdown menu.

  4. Select the Profile settings option.

    This takes you to the Edit your profile page.

  5. On the menu bar select Apple Service Connection.

  6. Click Add connection.

  7. Fill out all required fields: provide the Name, Issuer ID, and the Key ID you generated at Step 1, and Upload a Private key (.p8). If one input is missing, the Connect and Upload a Private Key (.p8) buttons won’t be available.

  8. Click Connect.

  9. Continue with assigning an Apple Developer Account for your app.

Assigning API key authentication to your app

When you wish to use a Step with the established connection, you also have to select an app for the connection. This way your app can receive data from your Apple Developer account when your build runs on Bitrise.

  1. Open your app’s page on

  2. Select the Team tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Apple Service connection section.

  4. Select the API key authentication (recommended) method for the app to use in the dropdown.


The Step is now able to connect to the App Store Connect or the Apple Developer Portal during your build.