Connecting to an Apple service with Apple ID

Connecting to an Apple service (such as the App Store Connect or the Apple Developer Portal) with the Apple ID requires that you first add your Apple ID and password on the Apple Service connection page, then select an app to use Apple ID authentication while the build is running.

If you cannot use the API key authentication, we recommend you try this option. Please note that you can only connect one Apple ID to Bitrise.

Apple accounts with two-factor authentication enabled

If two-factor authentication is enabled on your Apple account, you will have to provide the App-specific password during this process. Learn how to generate an app-specific password on the Security section of your Apple ID account page.


Adding Apple ID authentication data on Bitrise

  1. In the upper right corner, open the account selector dropdown menu.

  2. Select the Profile settings option.

    This takes you to the Edit your profile page.

  3. On the left menu bar, select Apple Service connection.

  4. Click the Add connection button.

  5. Provide your Apple ID and Password in the popup window. Click Connect.

  6. Enter your verification code in the Two factor authentication window.

  7. Add the app-specific password. Click Verify to continue.

  8. You will be prompted to provide your verification code.

  9. Your authentication expires in 30 days and you will have to authenticate again. When that happens, go to the Apple Service connection page, it will automatically ask for the two-factor authentication (2FA) code to authenticate again. There will be a list of the Apple Developer accounts that you have defined. To the far right of the Apple ID connection, there are 3 dots. Click the dots and select Re-authenticate (2SA/2FA).

  10. Continue with Assigning an Apple Developer Account for your app.

Assigning Apple ID authentication to your app

When a Step uses the Apple ID authentication, you also need to select the authentication method for your app to receive data from your Apple while your build is running.

  1. Open your app’s page on

  2. Select the Team tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Apple service connection section.

  4. Select the Apple ID authentication for the app to use. It displays the connection method of the app owner and other team members with admin authority.


Steps are now able to connect to an Apple service during your build.