The service credential user

The service credential is a user whose connected Git provider account (GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket) is used to access those services for the purposes of Bitrise builds.

You need to set a service credential user to:

Each app can have its own service credential user. You can find it on the Teams tab of the app.

The user can be changed at any time but no Bitrise user can set someone else as the service credential user. If you want the app to use another user's credentials, that user must log in to Bitrise and make the change themselves.

Role requirement

To change the service credential user, you need to have Admin role on the app's team.

By default, the user who added the app to Bitrise is set as the service credential user. Even if you change it, it should always be a user who has access to the app's repository.

It isn't mandatory to have a service credential user: you can use the No service credential user setting to not have one. You'll still be able to run builds and trigger builds automatically but Bitrise won't be able to send build status reports to your Git provider, you won't be able to use the Selective builds feature or to store the bitrise.yml file in your repository.