Adding a Deveo webhook

You can set up webhooks so that Bitrise automatically triggers a build of your app whenever you perform a specified action, such as a code push or a pull request. For Deveo, all you have to do is register your bitrise-webhooks URL for a Deveo repository.

  1. Go to the Code tab of your app’s page and in the INCOMING WEBHOOKS menu, click SETUP MANUALLY.

  2. Select Deveo from the dropdown menu.

    Adding a Deveo webhook
  3. Copy the webhook URL for the selected service.

  4. Open your repository on

  5. Go to Hooks of the project.

    Adding a Deveo webhook
  6. Add a new Repository Hook by clicking the + button on the right.

  7. Select your repository and select the Webhook service.

    Adding a Deveo webhook
  8. Enter the bitrise-webhooks URL (.../h/deveo/BITRISE-APP-SLUG/BITRISE-APP-API-TOKEN in the Url field).

  9. Type json in the Content type field.

  10. Click Save hook.

    Adding a Deveo webhook

That’s all! The next time you push code or push a new tag a build will be triggered (if you have Trigger mapping defined for the event(s) on Bitrise).