Adding an Assembla webhook

You can set up webhooks so that Bitrise automatically triggers a build of your app whenever you perform a specified action, such as a code push or a pull request. For Assembla, you only need to add your bitrise-webhooks URL to your Assembla space.

  1. Go to the Code tab of your app’s page and in the INCOMING WEBHOOKS menu, click SETUP MANUALLY.

  2. Select Assembla from the dropdown menu.

    Adding an Assembla webhook
  3. Copy the webhook URL for the selected service.

  4. Open your space on or your organisation’s assembla domain.

  5. Go to the Webhooks section of the space.

  6. Select Create New Webhook.

  7. Set Title to Bitrise Webhook.

  8. Specify the bitrise-webhooks URL. (.../h/assembla/BITRISE-APP-SLUG/BITRISE-APP-API-TOKEN) in the External url field.

  9. Select application/json in the Content type field.

  10. Paste the following code to Content:

                            {"assembla": {"space": "%{space}", "action": "%{action}", "object": "%{object}"}, "message": {"title": "%{title}", "body": "%{body}", "author": "%{author}"}, "git": {"repository_suffix": "%{repository_suffix}", "repository_url": "%{repository_url}", "branch": "%{branch}", "commit_id": "%{commit_id}"}}
  11. Select Code commits and/or Git Push in the Post updates about: section.

  12. Click Add.

That’s all! The next time you push code a build will be triggered (if you have Trigger mapping defined for the event(s) on Bitrise).