Build Insights

Build Insights is a monitoring tool that allows you to track metrics detailing the performance of your Bitrise builds. Track your metrics on app-, Workflow-, and Step-level and use the data to optimize your builds. With the Insights tool, we are targeting three main areas:

  • Stability: Which errors have the highest impact on your builds?

  • Velocity: Which area should you focus on to improve the speed of your builds?

  • Usage: Which Steps and Workflows take the most time in your builds?

How Build Insights works

Every Workspace has its own Build Insights instance. Insights tracks the metrics of all the apps belonging to that Workspace. For each app, you can view two main types of metrics:

  • Build stats: on an app's page, you can check aggregated metrics for the app's builds, including detailed data on Workflows and Steps.

  • Test stats: look at the detailed metrics of all test cases of an app, including data on individual test runs.

    Insights Pro

    Test stats are only available with Build Insights Pro. Request Pro access now!

Build Insights Pro

Build Insights Pro aims to make it even easier for you to measure and react to changes in performance more quickly, analyze historical data, and drill down into detailed metrics about your test cases, in addition to Workflow- and Step performance.

With Build Insights Pro, you can:

  • Check your historical data from the last two years.

  • You can see all data and metrics for your test cases.

  • Set a custom timeframe when viewing your data.