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Every single Bitrise build runs on a clean virtual machine, but you can store your content in the build cache using either branch-based caching or key-based caching.

Every single Bitrise build runs on a clean virtual machine. This means that normally, without caching, everything must be done from scratch on the virtual machine, including, for example, installing your dependencies.

With caching, you can preserve the contents of selected files and directories, such as installed dependencies or files generated during the build.

There are two main methods of caching on Bitrise:

  • Branch-based caching: this uses the Cache: Push Step and the Cache: Pull Step to manage cache archives. Each cache archive is tied to a specific branch in your repository.

  • Key-based caching: It works by associating cache archives with a key. During a Workflow, you can restore a cache archive by referring to the key associated with it.