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Release Management requirements

Native iOS support only

Release Management only supports native iOS projects on Bitrise. Flutter and React Native are not supported yet. Make sure your Bitrise Project’s project type is set to iOS.


Apple Service Connection

Release Management requires a connected API key Apple Service connection for iOS projects. Make sure you have an active API key Service Connection and it’s assigned to the iOS Project. For more information, check out Connecting to an Apple service with API key.


Registered iOS app on App Store Connect

You can release your iOS app using Release Management to App Store connect. You will have to specify the app when you create a new release. Learn more about App Store Connect apps.

White label app support

Each new release can be connected to another App Store Connect app, so you can release multiple App Store apps from one Bitrise Project if you want.

A Bitrise Workflow that can generate an .ipa or an .xcarchive file from your iOS app

Release Management requires a Workflow capable of generating an .ipa or an .xcarchive file. If both files are available Release Management will use the .ipa file during the release candidate stage.

The easiest way to do it is by adding the Xcode Archive & Export for iOS Step and the Deploy to - Apps, Logs, Artifacts Step to your Workflow. For more information, check out Selecting a release candidate for the release candidate stage.