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Running Bitrise builds on self-hosted infrastructure

You can run Bitrise builds on self-hosted infrastructure - that is, that hardware or virtualized environments that you control - while taking advantage of every feature the Bitrise website offers. To do so, you just need to install the Bitrise agent on your own infrastructure and connect it to your Workspace. Once that is done, you can run builds from your Bitrise account, using the Bitrise UI as usual.


For now, this service is not available to self-service customers. If you are interested in running Bitrise builds on your own infrastructure, contact us!

There are two options for using self-hosted infastructure:

  • You can install the Bitrise agent on your own hardware, using a brew formula: Running Bitrise builds on-premise.

    With this solution, you can fully customise your Bitrise environment as you are in full control of tooling and services.

  • You can run the Bitrise agent on an AWS instance, using a Bitrise Amazon Machine Image (AMI): Running Bitrise builds on your AWS EC2 instance.

    With this solution, we provide tooling and maintenance. Our aim is to make sure the AMI tooling is in sync with the regular Bitrise stacks so you are getting the same build experience on both.