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Running Bitrise builds on-premise

You can run Bitrise builds on your own hardware or virtual environment by installing the Bitrise agent and connect it to your Bitrise Workspace.

To do so, you need to get the Bitrise agent from Homebrew and then configure your network to be able to access two Bitrise service endpoints.

Tools and services

Please note that when using the Bitrise agent this way, you have to make sure you have all the tools you need installed on the machine. For now, we don't provide preinstalled tools for this on-premise solution.

  1. Configure Bitrise agent pools in your Workspace settings page on Configuring agent pools.

    Make sure to get the token from the process.

  2. Fetch the bitrise-den-agent formula from Homebrew.

    brew tap bitrise-io/den-agent
  3. Install the latest version.

    brew install bitrise-den-agent

    Installing a specific version

    You can also install a specific version by amending the version number to the command:

    brew install [email protected]
  4. Configure your network to be able to access the following two services:



    The agent needs to be able to access both of these to run your builds and communicate with the Bitrise website.

  5. Connect the agent on your machine to your Bitrise workspace.



    • sudo sed -i '' 's/BITRISE_AGENT_TOKEN/<YOUR_AGENT_POOL_TOKEN>/' ~/Library/LaunchDaemons/io.bitrise.self-hosted-agent.plist
      sudo launchctl load -w ~/Library/LaunchDaemons/io.bitrise.self-hosted-agent.plist
    • sudo sed -i 's/BITRISE_AGENT_TOKEN/<YOUR_AGENT_POOL_TOKEN>/' /etc/systemd/system/bitrise-den-agent.service
      sudo systemctl start bitrise-den-agent.service