Analyzing performance details

The Performance details page gives you a full breakdown of any selected metric. You can apply the same filtering and sorting to the sessions as on the Performance page, and set a date range the same way.

The performance details page

At the top of the page, you can see the metric inspector: it is a chart that displays the metric’s data over the specified time period, which you can set in the dropdown menu found in the top right corner. Apply filters and sorting to narrow down your analysis of any issues.

Below the metric inspector, you’ll see detailed breakdowns of all session properties, such as app version, country, network carrier, and so on. For each breakdown you can see a plot for each item of that property. To put it in simpler terms: in the App versions breakdown of, say, the Network errors metric, you will see plots for the network errors of each app version that is tracked by Trace. You can easily create a plot analysis:

  1. Find the breakdown you need (for example, App versions).

  2. Click the specific plot you need (for example, version 2.6.30).

    This will apply a session filter. It is the same as setting the same filter in the Session filter bar at the top of the page.

    Using the Session filter

And that’s it: now every breakdown will show data related to only the selected plot (in our example, app version 2.3).