Analyzing sessions

Performance metrics in themselves give no indication to what the users of the apps did in a specific session. For example, the app crash rate shows the number of crashes but doesn’t give you any context to the crashes themselves, and how the users triggered them. To do so, you need to use the Session Explorer page.

The Session Explorer shows the specific details of what happened during a user session as well as details about the environment on which the session occurred, all vital in locating and reproducing a problem. The data includes all important session properties, such as app version, device type, OS version, network type, and carrier, as well as the duration of the session and a user journey. The user journey shows what parts of the app the user viewed and interacted with and the duration of the interactions.

To check out individual sessions:

  1. Go to the Performance page in Trace.

  2. Select a metric - for example, App Crash Rate -, and click Details.

  3. In the top right corner, click See User Sessions.

  4. Set a date range for the sessions you want to see - for example, 24 hours.

  5. Navigate between the different user sessions with the in the top right.

  6. To see a user journey in detail, scroll down to the User Journey section, and click Show All.