Application performance overview

Log in to Trace and click Overview on the left to get to the Trace dashboard. On this page, you can check the performance of your apps over a selected period of time. This serves to give you a view on the shifts and trends in the app’s performance.

The data is displayed in separate widgets, with each widget focusing on a different metric. Depending on how often you wish to check in on your apps, you can select one of the supported digest views:

  • Daily: The day-to-day performance of the app over the last two weeks.

  • Weekly: A weekly performance summary of the app over the last 12 weeks.

  • Monthly: A monthly performance summary of the app over the last 12 months.


The available metrics are:

  • Live users: The number of users/devices that have been using the app in the last five minutes.

  • Active users: The total number of users that used the app over the period.

  • New users: The proportion of new users that have started using the app.

  • User events: The total number of different users events (page loads, network requests, and so on) performed.

  • Crash-free sessions: The percentage of crash-free sessions. This is calculated by dividing the number of crashed user sessions with the number of all user sessions over the selected period of time.

  • Cold start-up latency: How long it takes for the app to launch on users’ devices.

  • Version adoption: The percentage of the different versions of the app used during the selected period of time.

  • Session duration: The average duration of users’ sessions with the app. A metric designed to measure engagement.