Filtering and sorting metrics

On the Trace Performance page, you can:

  • Filter the tracked sessions to focus only on certain session types in your analysis.

  • Get a breakdown of the metrics with sorting them based on certain properties.

  • Set a data range for the metrics you want to view.

Various session properties are available for filtering, including:

  • App version: The version of the application.

  • Country: The country the session originated from.

  • OS version: The version of the device’s operating system.

  • Device type: The type of device on which the session ran.

  • Network: The type of network the app is connected from.

  • Carrier: The cellular carrier for the device.

Available session properties

You can filter for any and all of these. For example, you can set the Country filter to United States and the Device filter to iPhone X. This means that Trace will show the metrics collected from users in the United States who use your app on an iPhone X.

Setting a filter

By default, no filter is active: the metrics of all sessions monitored by Trace are displayed on the Performance page. To set a filter:

  1. Click on the filter bar below the Performance heading.

    By default, this bar displays All sessions.

  2. Choose the filters you need.

Grouping individual metrics

You can also group the individual metrics based on the filter categories. Grouping means getting a breakdown of the metric based on the selected category. To do so:

  1. Find the metric you need; for example, App Error Rate.

  2. To the right of the name of the metric, open the dropdown menu.

  3. Choose the category you need.

    For example, if you select Device, you will see the app error rate, grouped by device type.

    Analyzing your app's performance with Trace

Setting a date range for available metrics

You can also set a date range for the available metrics. To do so:

  1. Click the date range dropdown menu in the top right (by default, it says Last 24 Hours).

  2. Choose the date range you need.