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Release automation

You can specify events in the release management process that triggers a selected Workflow or Pipeline.

Triggering Workflows or Pipelines using release automation

To set up a new release automation:

  1. Open your release.

  2. Select Configuration on the left navigation bar.

  3. Go to the Automation tab.

  4. Click Add automation.

  5. Under the Event field, select a release management event that will trigger the Workflow or Pipeline.

  6. Use the radio buttons below Automation type to select if you would like the event to trigger a Workflow or a Pipeline.

  7. Under the Triggered Workflow/Pipeline field, select a Workflow/Pipeline to trigger.

  8. Click Add automation.


And that's it! Each time the event you specified happens, the Workflow/Pipeline you selected will be triggered automatically.

If you would like to remove a release automation, you can do so by clicking on the Remove automation button next to the event you would like to remove on the Automation tab.