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(Flutter) Install Flutter SDK


Installs the latest stable/beta or a specific version of Flutter.


  1. Add the Flutter Install Step. Use this step before the Cache Pull step to make sure caching works correctly.

  2. Install either the latest stable/beta versions or a specific version.

    • By default, the Step installs the latest stable version.

    • To install the latest beta, set the Flutter SDK git repository version input to beta.

    • To install a specific version, set the Flutter SDK installation bundle URL input. You can find the list of Flutter installation bundles here. Make sure you set the bundle based on the stack (MacOS or Linux).

    Best practice

    We recommend using a specific version.


Specific version:

- flutter-installer@0:
    - installation_bundle_url:

Latest stable version:

- flutter-installer@0: {}

Latest beta version:

- flutter-installer@0:
    - version: beta