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(iOS) Deploy to Firebase App Distribution


Build and distribute your app to testers via Firebase App Distribution.


  1. An existing Firebase project where your exact bundle ID is registered. Follow the Firebase documentation for details.

  2. Obtain a token from Firebase by running firebase login:ci locally. See the Firebase CLI docs for more details.

  3. Add this token as a Secret to your Bitrise project with the name FIREBASE_TOKEN.

  4. Get your Firebase App ID from your project's General Settings page and pass this value as an input variable to the [BETA] Firebase App Distribution Step.

  5. You have code signing set up. See iOS code signing for more details.


  1. Add the Xcode Archive & Export for iOS Step and set the required input variables, such as Scheme, Distribution method and the desired code signing method.

  2. Add the [BETA] Firebase App Distribution Step and set the following input variables:

    • Firebase token: use the secret env var previously defined: $FIREBASE_TOKEN.

    • Firebase App ID: see the Prerequisites section above for details.

    • Optionally, you can define test groups or individual testers in the Step input variables.


- xcode-archive@6:
    - distribution_method: development
    - scheme: # your scheme goes here
    - automatic_code_signing: api-key
- firebase-app-distribution@0:
    - firebase_token: $FIREBASE_TOKEN
    - app: # your app ID from Firebase
    - testers: [email protected] # optional
    - groups: qa-team #optional