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(iOS) Install Carthage dependencies


Install Carthage dependencies.


Add the Carthage Step. Set the input variables:

  • Github Personal Access Token: We recommend adding a GitHub access token to your Secrets ($GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN). We need this token to avoid GitHub rate limit issue. See the GitHub guide: Creating an access token for command-line use on how to create Personal Access Token. Uncheck every scope box when creating this token. There is no reason this token needs access to private information.

  • (Optional) Set Additional options for carthage command: see the Carthage docs for the available options, for example, --use-xcframeworks --platform iOS.

Setting a specific Carthage version in your builds

If your project needs a Carthage version currently unavailable on our stacks, check out Setting a specific Carthage version in your builds.


- carthage@3:
    - carthage_options: "--use-xcframeworks --platform iOS"