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(iOS) Run tests on a physical device


Run unit or UI tests on a physical device. Our device testing solution is based on Firebase Test Lab. You can find the resulting logs, videos and screenshots on Bitrise.


  1. The source code is cloned and the dependencies (for example, Cocoapods, Carthage) are installed.

  2. You have code signing set up. See iOS code signing for more details.


  1. Add an Xcode Build for testing for iOS Step.

  2. Add a [BETA] iOS Device Testing Step and setup code signing.

  3. Add a Deploy to - Apps, Logs, Artifacts Step that makes the test results available in the Test Reports add-on.Test Reports


- xcode-build-for-test@1:
    - automatic_code_signing: api_key
- virtual-device-testing-for-ios@1: {}
- deploy-to-bitrise-io@2: {}