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(iOS) Run tests on a simulator


Run unit or UI tests of an iOS app on a simulator.


  1. Add an Xcode Test for iOS Step. Set the input variables:

    • Project path: The default value is $BITRISE_PROJECT_PATH and in most cases you don't have to change it.

    • Scheme: The default value is $BITRISE_SCHEME, this variable stores the scheme that you set when adding the app on Bitrise. You can specify a different scheme if you want but it must be a shared scheme.

    • Device destination specifier: (default: platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 8 Plus,OS=latest).

    Installing additional simulators for Xcode UI tests

    If you need a simulator for your Xcode UI tests that is unavailable on the stack you are using, check out this article on Knowledge Base for a guide.

  2. Add a Deploy to - Apps, Logs, Artifacts Step that makes the test results available in the Test Reports add-on.


- xcode-test@4: {}
- deploy-to-bitrise-io@2: {}