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Teams plan FAQ

As part of our efforts to introduce a credit-based model, we’re now offering our new Teams plan. You can sign up for a free trial, or subscribe to the full plan. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

How to sign up for the trial?

Signing up for the free trial

The free trial is only available on new accounts when you create your first Workspace.

  1. Find the Workspace name input field, and add a name.

  2. Click Create Workspace.

Once you’re done with setting up the Workspace, your trial will start automatically.

If I sign up for a trial, when will it end?

As of now, Teams plan trials are indefinite, there’s no time limit on using it. You can use the Teams plan trial as long as you have credits.

Can I sign up for the full Teams plan?

Yes, if you are the owner of a Workspace. To do so:

  1. Log in to Bitrise.

  2. On the Dashboard, find the account selector in the top right corner.

  3. Open the dropdown menu, and find the Workspace you want to use.

  4. Click the little gear icon next to its name. This will take you to the Workspace settings page.

  5. On the left, find the Plan & billing tab and click it. This will take you to the Workspace’s Plan & billing page.

  6. On the Plan & billing page, click Upgrade to Teams plan and follow the instructions. You’ll need to provide payment details. Once the first payment is authorized, your subscription starts immediately.

What features does the Teams plan have?

Switching to the Teams plan from our credit-based Hobby plan has numerous benefits, including:

  • Unlimited private apps.

  • Unlimited team members and all the team management features.

  • Multiple machines types to choose from.

  • Add-ons, such as Test Reports and Ship.

How do I get credits?

You get 500 credits for the trial. Once you run out, your trial ends.

On the full Teams plan, you get a certain amount of credits each month, depending on your credit tier. If you need more credits, you need to upgrade to a higher credit tier. You can do that on the Plan & billing tab of your Workspace.

Will I lose my unused credits if I switch to a different plan?

It depends on whether you upgrade to a higher credit tier or downgrade to a lower credit tier.

If you upgrade to a higher tier before the end of your current billing cycle, the upgrade happens immediately and a new billing cycle starts right away. When you pay for the new credit tier, we calculate the cost of the time remaining from your previous billing cycle and subtract it from your first charge. For example, if your previous subscription fee was a 100 USD every 30 days and you decide to upgrade to a higher tier with exactly 15 days remaining in the last billing cycle, you’ll be charged the price of the new subscription minus 50 USD when upgrading.

When downgrading to a lower credit tier, it’s very simple: the downgrade happens at the end of the current billing cycle. Until then, you can use all your remaining credits.

How do I use my credits?

Just trigger a build! Each build will use a certain amount of credits per minute, depending on the type of stack you use.

What happens if I run out of credits?

On a trial of the Teams plan, running out of credits means your trial ends. To keep building, subscribe for the full plan!

In Pay-As-You-Go mode, you can keep running builds and we’re counting the Pay-As-You-Go credits you use up. This incurs additional costs on top of your monthly or annual subscription fee: the cost of running builds in Pay-As-You-Go mode is 1.5 times per credit compared to a regular build. You are billed for this fee separately each month, even if you are on annual subscription. Your monthly Pay-As-You-Go limit is half of the credit amount of your monthly bundle. If you exceed this limit, you won’t be able to run builds any more, though running builds will never be aborted.

For example, if you receive 100 credits each month, and each credit costs 1 USD, your monthly fee is 100 USD. Once you use up all 100 credits, you are switched to Pay-As-You-Go mode. In this mode, you can use up 50 more credits, but each credit costs 1.5 USD so if you reach your Pay-As-You-Go limit, your additional Pay-As-You-Go fee will be 75 USD. If, however, your Pay-As-You-Go fee is only 5 USD or less, you won’t be billed.

If you often go into Pay-As-You-Go mode, we recommend upgrading to a higher credit tier!

Will a build be aborted if I run out of credits?

No, running builds will never be aborted. You can always finish a running build, even if you exceed your Pay-As-You-Go credit limit.

Will unused credits roll over to the next month?

No. At the start of each month, you'll receive your monthly credit bundle, resetting your credit balance.

How many apps can I have?

On the Teams plan trial, you can have as many apps as you want.

Do the different machine types have different credit costs?

Yes: more powerful machines have a higher credit cost. Check out our pricing page for more detailed information, including the exact credit cost of each machine type.

How is the credit cost calculated for minute fractions?

Your build cost is calculated based on the stack of your choice multiplied by the number of started minutes.

For example, if you are using a stack that costs 2 credits/minute, and your build takes 3 minutes and 12 seconds to complete, that will cost 8 credits.

How many builds can I run at the same time?

You can run 10 builds on macOS stacks and 30 builds on Linux stacks in parallel.

Is there a time limit for builds?

There is a hard limit of three and a half hours for a single build. Please be aware that if your build hangs for some reason, this can mean unwanted credit consumption. If you wish to lower the build time limit for safety reasons, contact our support!