How to grant Bitrise access to a GitHub Organization?

This guide explains how to grant access for to your GitHub Organization.

Have you authorized Bitrise on Github?

This guide presumes you have already authorized Bitrise on GitHub.

  1. Open
  2. In the top right corner, click your avatar and select Settings.
  3. On the left side, select Applications.
  4. Click Authorized OAuth Apps. You will see the list of apps which can access your account.
  5. Click on Bitrise.
  6. Scroll down to Organization access and click Grant so that Bitrise can access your Organization’s repository.


Can’t see Grant button next to app under Organization access

If there’s no Grant button but only a red cross icon next to the Organization in the Organization access that means that the access was previously granted but then it was revoked. You can fix this by first selecting the Organization under Organization settings on the left side, then clicking Third-party access. You can see Bitrise with Denied access. Click the pencil icon and Grant access to Bitrise. Now you can go back to your Authorized OAuth Apps and click on Bitrise. You should see a green tick instead of the red cross icon next to your Organization.


You can see the Organization and its repositories if you go back to, click on your avatar, select Add new App and hit Next.

Repository is a fork of another private repository

If the repository is a fork of another private repository which belongs to (another) Organization, you have to repeat these steps and grant access for Bitrise for the Organization which owns the original repository. This is a GitHub limitation: to be able to access a private repository fork you have to grant access for the service (Bitrise) in both repositories; in the fork and in the original repository/Organization too.