How to change the owner of an app

It can happen that you need to transfer an Application on Bitrise to another User or to an Organization. This can be done in a few seconds by following these quick steps:

  1. Login with the current Owner of the App on bitrise.io
  2. Open the App's page and go to the Team tab
  3. Make sure the new owner of the App is in the team or add her/him if you need to. In case if you want to transfer the ownership to an Organization, you have to be part of the Organization.
  4. Click the Transfer ownership button next to your name
  5. After selecting the new owner from the dropdown, click on the purple button that says Transfer ownership to <Username>, and you are done!

Good to know: Do you want to remain the connected services user?

If you enable the Do you want to remain the connected services user? option in the Transfer popup, then during the transfer you'll be explicitly marked as the "connected services" user for the app.

The "connected services" user specifies which Team Member's service connections / accounts connected to his/her Bitrise user should be used when Bitrise tries to communicate with another service (GitHub, Bitbucket, ...), for example to send back build status information, or to register a new SSH key automatically.

Admins of an app can change this any time on the Settings tab of the app.