Invitation FAQ

If you are invited to join a Team or a Workspace on Bitrise, you will get an invitation email from

If you already have a Bitrise account and receive an invitation email, you’ll have to click the View button to get to the app’s page!

If you don’t have an account yet, and you’re invited to a Workspace or a Team, you should click the Accept invitation button in the invitation email. This will take you through registration, and log you into the account. If you attempt to sign up manually, you won’t be able to since your email address is already reserved for the invitation. So we recommend you to check your inbox, look for the invitation email from Bitrise and follow the instructions there.

Invitation FAQ

How can I sign up to Bitrise if my invitation has expired?

The invitation email contains an expiry date which, if elapsed, you won’t be able to register to Bitrise through that link (but through regular registration).

This means the invitation has not been redeemed through the invite link so the registration is still incomplete and the invite link has expired. At this stage, resetting your password is impossible since there is no password and no account associated with your email address. Your invitation status is pending on the Team tab. We recommend that you contact the person who invited you to revoke your invitation. Then a new invitation email can be sent out to your email address and you can click the Accept invitation button before it expires.

If you have accidentally deleted the invitation email, we recommend following the same process to access the Workspace or the Team.

Can I extend the invitation emails’ timeout?

You cannot extend the invitation emails’ timeout to a longer time. If an invitation has expired, check out the How can I sign up to Bitrise if my invitation has expired? section in this guide.

I can’t find the invitation email from Bitrise

If the invitation email has been sent to the right email address, and you can’t find it in your inbox, we recommend you to check your spam/junk folders. Also check if your account has any blocker set for incoming emails.

Are Bitrise invitations case sensitive?

Bitrise can process invitations sent to either lowercase or uppercase email addresses but it is important to use the same lowercase or uppercase email address when logging into the account.

Signing up with Bitrise invitation and Git provider

If you are invited by a Workspace on Bitrise, and before accepting the invitation you’re trying to sign up to Bitrise using your Git account (for example, Bitbucket, GitHub or Gitlab), then you will not be able to sign up to Bitrise.

What you should do to access the Workspace is follow the instructions included in the invitation email and complete your registration. Make sure you connect your Git provider account to the Bitrise account that you have just signed up to.

Can I be invited to a Workspace with SSO?

If a Workspace activated SAML SSO on their account, the Workspace owner can still invite new members to the Workspace. The invited person has to click the Accept invitation button in the email from If you wish to join a Workspace and you haven’t received an invitation yet, you can also sign up to that Workspace through the Sign up with SSO button IF you know the exact name of the Workspace.

What to do if an invitation ends up with 404 error?

If you have been invited to a Workspace but you can’t access it due to a 404 error message when clicking the Accept invitation button, then contact the Workspace owner to revoke your invitation and send it out again. Make sure you get the invitation to the email address that is associated with your existing Bitrise account.