Add your first Step to your Workflow

Once you've registered an app you can start modifying its Workflow, that is to customize how a build should work.

To edit your App's Workflow you should open the Workflow Editor:

  1. After logging in, select your App on your Dashboard
  2. Select the Workflow tab

In the Workflow Editor you can see a preset list of Steps based on your app we added to your Workflow.

Add a new Step to the Workflow

If you want to add a new Step to the Workflow, just click the + sign button between the Steps you want the new one to be.

Add step button in Workflow Editor

This will show you a list of available Steps in our Step Library. You can search and filter these steps if you want to, or just browse through the collection. Clicking the Step will add it to your Workflow.

You can Drag and Drop to reorder your list of Steps. During a build, steps will be executed one by one, in top-to-bottom order.

Once you're happy with your Workflow Save it on the top right! That's all, your next build will automatically use the current, saved Workflow!

Multiple Workflows

You can create as many workflows as you like, and then specify which one to use for which build trigger event in the Triggers section of the Workflow Editor. You can read more about Triggers and workflow selection in the Control what to build when, with the Trigger Map guide.