Setting up configuration

Setting up configuration

After Setting up the SSH key for your project, Bitrise will download your code to make sure it can access the repository and will run an automatic repository scanner script to find the best initial configuration for your project. Currently Bitrise will detect iOS, Android, Xamarin, Ionic, Cordova, Flutter, React Native and fastlane projects out of the box.

You can configure other types of projects too, but that will require manual configuration.

Automatic project configuration

Enter the name of the default branch of your repository where your project is located. This branch should include the configuration of your project. Once you hit Next, Bitrise will automatically start the validation of the repository.

During validation Bitrise will make sure it has access to the given branch, using the SSH key you set up.

If the validation is successful, Bitrise will scan your repository and give you a default workflow based on the configuration of the project.

Manual project configuration

If the validation fails, choose the Restart scanning without validation option.

In this case, you have to configure the project manually. Click Next. You will see the Validating Repository message again but this time Bitrise only checks that we have access to the specified repository.

Choose the project type (for example, Xamarin) and specify the necessary inputs (for example, the path to the Xamarin Solution file). You can also select the stack on which you wish to run your builds.

Restarting validation

You can restart validation if you want Bitrise to automatically detect your project type. Once you fixed the issue that caused validation to fail for the first time, go to the Project build configuration window and select the Detected tab. Choose the Restart current validation option.

Webhook setup

Once project configuration is finished, Bitrise offers you the chance to immediately register a webhook in your repository. After the webhook is set up, any code change in your repository will trigger the automatically created primary workflow by default.

Read about webhooks in detail in our Webhooks section.