Bitrise tools

Here is a list of our open source tools maintained by the Bitrise team.

Bitrise CLI tools


The Bitrise CLI which is used on to run builds. Install it on your own Mac/Linux and run your builds locally!

Find out more on Bitrise CLI

Check out its GitHub page or dig deeper in our Bitrise CLI docs.


Our Step Collection Manager used for managing the Step Library, including downloading and sharing Steps.


The Environment Variable Manager used by the Bitrise CLI to isolate and manage Environment Variables (Env Vars) during the build. Our envman tool can be used independently of the Bitrise CLI if you want to connect tools, where one tool saves the Env Var and the other one uses it.

Bitrise CLI core plugins

The following plugins can be directly run with the Bitrise CLI on your computer:


With this init plugin, the scanner can detect the type of your project locally and generate a Bitrise configuration with a bitrise.yml file.

bitrise init

Learn more about how to initialize a Bitrise project locally.


You can list, retrieve Step information or create Steps with this plugin, - follow our Steps guide.


With this plugin you can configure your builds’ bitrise.yml config locally.


With this plugin, you can manage your apps on right from the Terminal / command line. Check out the plugin’s How to use section for details.

iOS code signing tool


Your friendly iOS Code Signing Doctor.

Find out more on codesigndoc

Check out its GitHub page and see how it helps sign your iOS project.


bitrise webhooks

This Bitrise Webhooks processor transforms various incoming webhooks (for example, from GitHub, Bitbucket, or Slack) to’s Build Trigger API format, and calls it to start a build.