Connecting your Apple Developer Account to Bitrise

Connecting your Apple Developer Account to Bitrise

You can authenticate your Apple Developer Account on Bitrise and integrate the Apple Developer Portal with your Bitrise project. This allows you to use our iOS Auto Provisioning step which makes managing Provisioning Profiles for iOS applications a lot easier!

All you need is a account and a valid Apple Developer Account.

Authenticating your Apple Developer Account on Bitrise

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on your profile in the upper-right corner of your Dashboard and select Account settings from the dropdown menu.

  3. On the menu bar on the left, select Apple Developer Account.
  4. Provide your credentials in the popup window and click Store credentials.

  5. If two-factor authentication is enabled on your Apple Developer account, you will be prompted to provide your verification code. In this case, your authentication will expire in 30 days - Bitrise will prompt you before that happens!

Enabling Apple Developer Portal integration

You can authorize your project to receive Apple Developer Portal data from Bitrise once your Apple Developer Account is connected to your account.

  1. Open your project’s page on
  2. Select the Team tab.
  3. Select your account in the Connected Apple Developer Portal Account menu at the bottom of the page.