Signing up with email

Signing up with email

You can easily sign up to Bitrise in one step with your email address.

Trial after signing up

If you sign up for a free account, you will automatically be granted a two-week trial on our Developer plan. This includes:

  • 45 minutes of build time
  • 1000 builds a month
  • a maximum of 100 team members

Read more about the available plans on the Pricing page!

Signing up

  1. Add your username, email address and password on our Sign Up page.

    You must provide a strong password which fulfills the following requirements:

  2. Click Sign up with email
  3. Optional step: Add your first name, last name, your company name and a few more details if you wish. You can also add those later.
  4. Check your inbox for our Confirmation Instructions.

    If you haven’t received a confirmation email, click the Resend confirmation email button.

  5. Click Confirm my account which takes you to your Bitrise Dashboard.

Issues with Logging in

If you failed to log in for the third time, reCAPTCHA will get enabled to check if you are a human.

If you failed to log in for an excessive amount of attempts, you will automatically get locked out. Check your inbox for our Unlock Instructions email!

Sign up with a git provider

If you would like to use your GitHub/Gitlab/ Bitbucket account, please check out the following DevCenter articles: