Signing up with GitHub

Signing up with GitHub

You are able to authenticate yourself with your GitHub user against Bitrise. It brings some practical benefits, like logging in with one click and of course you won’t have to authorize your GitHub account when adding repositories hosted by these providers again.

Signing up with email address

If you’d like to sign up with your email address, please follow the instructions in signing up with email address.

Sign up

Go to the Sign up page by clicking Sign up! on the landing page of


Select GitHub for authenticating yourself with this service.

Authorize Bitrise

You have to authorize Bitrise before we can establish the connection. This means you give permission to Bitrise to access (read) your repositories.


If you press the Authorize application button, you will be redirected to Bitrise.

Finish signup

You will have to pick a username and a password for your Bitrise account. This way you are free from relying on the given service’s availability, you are also able to connect more accounts, GitHub and Bitbucket, for example. Last, but not least, you don’t have to stick to your connected account’s username.

After that, you are ready to roll.

From now on, you are able to sign in with a click of a button. Choose your favorite!