Uploading certificates

Easiest way to export code signing identities

You can easily locate the needed certificates and provisioning profiles for your project with our codesigndoc tool.

Simply open your Terminal.app on your Mac and run the one liner "install" command.

After that open your Finder.app and drag-and-drop your project's .xcodeproj or .xcworkspace file into the command line in your terminal. codesigndoc Once it's done you'll have all the required files exported, ready for upload.

Uploading the exported code signing files to Bitrise

Once you have all the needed files, head to your dashboard on bitrise.io and select your app.

Go to Workflow > Manage Workflows > and select the Code Signing & Files tab on the left. Upload your code signing certificate (p12) and provisioning profiles and you are ready to go! 🚀