Setting a time limit for steps

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Ensure that your builds do not exceed the time limit by setting up step timeout for steps that might cause builds to hang.

A step timeout, defined in seconds, sets a maximum time a step is allowed to run. If the step exceeds that limit, the workflow moves on to the next step. This is useful if, for example, your builds hang for not immediately obvious reasons - you can set timeouts for the step or steps which are suspected to have caused the problem.

  1. Find the step in the bitrise.yml file.

    Don’t forget you can edit the bitrise.yml file of your project on open the Apps page, select your app, click the Workflow Editor tab then click bitrise.yml.

  2. Add a timeout property before the other step inputs.


- xcode-test@1.18.14:
     timeout: 120
     - project_path: "$BITRISE_PROJECT_PATH"
     - scheme: "$BITRISE_SCHEME"

And you’re done! In our example, the xcode-test step will abort after 120 seconds. Check the build logs to see what caused the step to exceed the limit.