Approving Pull Request builds

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Not all Pull Requests need to be built. After all, for most projects, anyone can create a fork of the repository and submit a Pull Request. However, if an app on Bitrise is set up with Secrets that are exposed for Pull Request builds, for example, then you probably don’t want just anyone to be able to access those secrets.

That is why you have the option to require approval for a Pull Request build before it can start. This feature works somewhat differently for public and private apps:

Enabling manual approval for private apps

To enable or disable manual approval, you need to be an admin or an owner on the application’s team. The application MUST be private: public apps cannot opt out of this feature!

  1. Open the app on Bitrise.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to Enable manual build approval option.

    Approving Pull Request builds

    Please note that you can only change this setting for private apps! For public apps, this is ALWAYS enabled.

  4. Toggle the setting to enable or disable it.

    By default, it is set to enabled.

Approving the PR build

Approving the PR build

Please note that approval means approval on Bitrise. Approving the Pull Request on your git hosting provider’s website is not sufficient to start a build: an admin or an owner has to approve the build on Bitrise.

If a Pull Request is submitted from a fork, you will be notified that a PR build is waiting for approval:

Approving Pull Request builds

To approve and run the build, click the Approve and Run Build button. Clicking Review opens the Pull Request on the website of your git hosting provider.