Setting up Auth0 SAML SSO for Bitrise

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SAML SSO is only available on the Velocity plan

Please note that SAML SSO is only available for a Workspace on the Velocity plan.

Since the SAML SSO feature is tied to the Velocity plan, if you decide to switch to a different subscription plan, you will lose this feature. All Workspace members will receive an email about the downgrade and you’ll have two weeks to switch back to Velocity if you wish to use SAML SSO in your Workspace again.

Before you start

Before connecting SAML SSO to your Workspace, make sure:

If you are a Workspace owner on Bitrise, you will have to use the Single Sign-On tab to set up a SAML SSO connection between Auth0 and your Bitrise Org.

  1. On your Bitrise Dashboard click your avatar, then click Profile settings in the dropdown.
  2. The Overview page displays all the Orgs you’re a member of. Select the Workspace where you wish to set up the SAML SSO connection.
  3. On the left menu bar, click the Single Sign-On tab which will take you to the Enable Single Sign-On page.

Setting up SAML SSO connection between Auth0 and Bitrise

You first create a regular web application for Bitrise on Auth0, enable it and then there are two ways to retrieve app specific SAML SSO connection data from Auth0. We will show you both ways!

Creating Bitrise as a web application on Auth0

  1. Log into Auth0 as an admin.
  2. Click Applications on the left menu bar and then the + Create Applications button on the right hand side of the Applications page.
  3. On the Create application window, type Bitrise in the Name field. In the Choose application type select Regular Web Applications, and click the Create button.
  4. You are landing on your newly created Bitrise app’s Quick Start page. Click the Addons tab. Toggle the SAML2 WEB APP’s switch to the right. This will take to to the Addon: SAML2 WEB APP page automatically.
  5. Copy the Single Sign-On URL from Bitrise and paste it into the Application Callback URL field on the Settings tab of the Addon: SAML2 WEB APP page. Scroll down to the bottom of the Addon: SAML2 WEB APP page and hit ENABLE.
  6. Go back to the Addons page where you can see the switch turned on.
  7. Continue with retrieving SAML SSO information from Auth0 to populate the required fields on the Single Sign On page of Bitrise.

Retrieving SAML SSO information from Auth0

Once you have enabled Bitrise as a web application on Auth0, it’s time to grab the certificate and the Identity provider’s unique login URL to finish up the SAML configuration on Bitrise.

  1. Go to Application, then select the Addons tab to find your enabled Bitrise app.
  2. Click the SAML2 WEB APP web app and select the Usage tab. Click on the Download Auth0 certificate link next to the Identity Provider Certificate label. Open the downloaded certificate file and copy its content into the Certificate field of Bitrise. Go back to Auth0 and copy paste the Identity Provider Login URL into Bitrise’s Identity provider sign-on URL.
  3. Click Configure SSO button on Bitrise.
  4. Now you can close the dialog on Auth0.

What’s next?

Learn how you can log into your Workspacenow that SAML SSO is set up.

You might wan to check out Workspace member’s SAML SSO statuses once the connection is up.

You might want to enforce SAML SSO login to the Org once all Workspace members have authorized their SAML SSO connection to the Org.

Disabling SAML SSO is very simple - learn how.

SAML SSO on Bitrise

If you’d like to learn more about SAML SSO on Bitrise, check out our SAML SSO in Workspaces guide.