Enabling Bitrise Support user for your app

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In this article we describe how you can enable the Bitrise Support User so that our Support team can have access to your project, specifically your Workflow, build log, app settings or your yml.

With the toggle function, you can easily turn the Bitrise Support user on and off, no need to add us as a user to your app’s Team any more.

Let’s see how to set it up!

  1. Go to the Settings tab of your project.
  2. Scroll down to the Enable Bitrise Support user for this app and toggle the switch to the right to enable it. It might take a couple of seconds to work and you might need to refresh your page to see the enabled status.

    Enabling Bitrise Support user for your app

What the Bitrise Support user can do

The Bitrise Support User, when enabled, has Admin access to your app. That means it can do anything that a regular user with Admin access rights on an app can do: it has access to your builds and can edit your Workflows, modify the inputs of the Team, Code and the Settings tab.

Let’s see in detail what the Support User can do! The list is not exhaustive: these are the most important capabilities of the Bitrise Support User.

It can:

On the Builds page, it can:

In the Workflow Editor, it can:

In the case of a failing workflow, our best practice is to create a new and correct version of the failing workflow called support-testing. You can compare our support-testing with your own and update yours or keep the support-testing workflow, rename it as you wish, and develop it further.

What the Bitrise Support user can’t do

The Bitrise Support user can’t see your Account information or any Billing information. Only the owner of the account has access to this information and has the right to modify any account-related records.

The Support user can’t see your other apps where the Support user is not enabled.