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This page has not been translated into Japanese yet - we apologise for the inconvenience! If you’re interested in helping us out, feel free to translate any article in the jp folder of the DevCenter repository and open a PR!

このページは日本語への翻訳がまだ完了しておりません。ご不便をおかけして申し訳ございません! もしお手伝いできる方がいらっしゃれば、ご自由にjpフォルダの記事を日本語に訳していただき、PRを開いてください

Having more time to be creative is the key to great inventions. We believe that giving developers the chance to work without distractions is the most important thing that can lead to extraordinary creations. Our mission is to provide a platform that lets you concentrate on the process of creation, instead of the administrative tasks that get in the way of it.

That’s why we created Bitrise. But we’re not alone in this! We love how Felix Krause sought to solve this problem by creating fastlane. So by the combined force of earth, water, fire and wind… we integrated the whole fastlane toolkit - booyah! How cool is that!