Adding a new team member to an app

Last updated at 2020-06-15

Once you have your app set up, you can start inviting team members! You can select multiple roles for the new members: admin, developer, and qa/tester.

Roles and permissions

Check out the different roles and permissions in our guide to the roles on Bitrise.

To invite a team member:

  1. Go to the Team tab on your application’s page.
  2. In the Add users to the app section, type their email address.
    If they are not registered on Bitrise we will send out an invitation email for them.
  3. Before granting access to a new user, select their role.
  4. Click Grant access.

Inviting team members

You need to be the app’s owner or an admin to be able to add new team members to your app.

Adding a new team member to an app

Owners and admins can change the roles of other members by clicking Change role next to the member’s name.

Adding a new team member to an app