Credit-based Hobby plan: FAQ

Bitrise currently offers two different types of free subscription plans, called Hobby plans: a credit-based one and a concurrency-based one. Here’s everything you need to know about the credit-based Hobby plan!

How do I get credits?

You get a certain amount of credit each month: this is what we call your monthly credit bundle.

How do I use my credits?

Just trigger a build! Each build will use a certain amount of credits per minute, depending on the type of stack you use.

Do unused credits roll over to future months?

The credits do not roll over month-to-month. You will start every monthly cycle with the same amount of credits.

What happens if I run out of credits?

Build with confidence: a running build will never be aborted. When you’re about to run out of credits, we’ll send you notifications to warn you. Once you run out, you won’t be able to add new apps or run builds until you receive your next monthly credit bundle.

Will a build be aborted if I run out of credits?

No, running builds will never be aborted. You can always finish a running build.

Can I get more credits?

Yes! If you run out of credits, we’ll contact you to get your feedback. You can have a short call with our researcher for 300 credits, or answer a few questions in a survey for 100 credits.

How many apps can I have?

On the credit-based Hobby plan, you can have one private app and up to ten public apps.

How much build time do I have?

You have a limit of 90 minutes for each build.

Do the different stacks have different credit costs?

Yes. Builds cost 2 credits per minute on our macOS-based stacks and 1 credit per minute on our Linux-based stacks.

How many builds can I run at the same time?

You can run 10 builds on macOS stacks and 80 builds on Linux stacks in parallel.

Can I switch to the concurrency-based Hobby plan, using the same account?

To do that, you need to delete the existing account, and register again with the same email or Git provider. Note that before you could delete your account, you need to either delete your existing apps, or transfer them to another account.