Credit-based subscription plans

From August 2021, new users can only sign up for the new, credit-based subscription plans. If you sign up for a new account, you can either use the new Hobby plan for free or create a Workspace after signing up to try out the Teams plan. For more information, check out the relevant FAQs and our pricing page:

You can also check out our comparison of concurrency-based plans and credit-based plans: Comparing credit-based and concurrency-based plans.

A Workspace is an environment that allows you to manage your Bitrise apps and the team members working on the apps. You can create multiple Workspaces, and you can be invited to Workspaces by other Bitrise users.

To be able to add apps and run builds, you either need a Workspace or you need to get added as an outside contributor to an app’s team.

Legacy users

Legacy users are users with concurrency-based accounts: you have a concurrency-based account if you do not use credits when running builds. Legacy users can still add apps on their personal account and run builds of those apps without a Workspace.

Workspace membership is based on groups: Workspace owners can create groups and decide which members belong to which groups. A given group can be assigned to work on an app: all members of the same group will have the same level of access to the app.

Workspaces can take advantage of SAML Single Sign-On: we have guides for setting it up with several major identity providers.

Workspace pricing

Workspaces are a premium feature. To learn more about pricing, visit our Pricing page.