SAML SSO in Workspaces

Workspace members can log in to a Bitrise Workspace using their own SAML SSO provider’s system. With SAML SSO, Workspaces will be able to apply the security guidelines of their SAML SSO provider when accessing their Bitrise Workspace.

Before you start

Before connecting SAML SSO to your Workspace, make sure:

If you are a Workspace owner on Bitrise, you will have to use the Single Sign-On tab to set up a SAML SSO connection between your SAML SSO provider and your Bitrise Workspace.

  1. On your Bitrise Dashboard click your avatar, then click Profile settings in the dropdown. Account selector dropdown
  2. The Overview page displays all the Workspaces you’re the owner of. Select the Workspace where you wish to set up the SAML SSO connection.
  3. On the left menu bar, click Single Sign-On which will take you to the Enable Single Sign-On page.
  4. Continue with setting up SAML SSO for your Workspace on Bitrise.

Specific guides about connecting Bitrise to a SAML SSO provider

Setting up SAML SSO for a Bitrise Workspace

In this tutorial, we describe how Workspace owners can set up their SAML SSO and invite Workspace members to set up their own connections.

  1. Go to your Workspace’s Enable Single Sign-On page on
  2. Copy the Assertion Consumer Service URL (ACS URL) by clicking on the Copy Link button. You will need this URL to add Bitrise on your SAML SSO provider’s site.
  3. Log in to your own SAML SSO provider.
  4. Add Bitrise using the copied Assertion Consumer Service URL (ACS URL). You’re generating your Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials here which you will need in a minute on Bitrise.
  5. Add the generated SSO credentials to the SAML SSO provider Single Sign-On URL (SSO URL) and SAML SSO provider certificate fields on the Enable Single Sign-On page. (You can either upload the SAML SSO provider certificate file from your local computer or paste its content into the field manually.)
  6. Click the Configure SSO button.

If you’ve completed the steps, you and Workspace members should get a verification email about SAML SSO connected to the respective Workspace.

Authorizing SAML SSO

Now that the Workspace owner has set up SAML SSO, everyone in the Workspace has to authorize SAML SSO before logging in to their Workspace via SAML SSO.

  1. Make sure you’re logged into Bitrise in the usual way. Use the same browser window to continue.
  2. Bitrise sends a verification e-mail to all Workspace members. By clicking the Log In via SAML SSO button or using the provided URL, Workspace members can authorize themselves for SAML SSO login. The email also shows the Workspace owner’s email address (should you need to contact them.) Click the Log In via SAML SSO button or copy-paste the URL to a NEW TAB of the same browser.
  3. You’re directed to Bitrise to Allow “Workspace name” to sign you in page.
    • Click Authorize if you trust the Workspace to control your Bitrise account sign-in process.
      If you’re already logged in to your SAML SSO provider, you’ll be automatically taken to your Bitrise Dashboard.
      If you’re not, you’ll be prompted to log in on your SAML SSO provider’s site, and then taken to your Bitrise Dashboard.
    • Click Don’t Allow if the invitation email is from an untrusted source.

      SAML SSO in Workspaces

      Note that if you are using a different non-matching email address, you will get the below error message. Make sure you log in with the right email address both on Bitrise, as well as on your SSO provider site.

If all went well, you should be landing on our Bitrise Dashboard. As a Workspace owner, you might want to check how Workspace members are progressing with their SAML SSO connection: check Workspace member’s SAML SSO statuses or invite new members to the Workspace.

Inviting new Workspace members with SAML SSO

Once SAML SSO is set up on a Workspace, you can invite new members to your Workspace using SAML SSO.

Before you start:

  1. Go to your SAML SSO Workspace on Bitrise and click the Groups tab.
  2. Find the SAML users section and click the + sign to add a new member.
  3. Enter their email address and click the arrow icon. This will add the member to the SAML user’s list and Bitrise automatically sends out our SAML invitation instructions to the new member.
  4. You can keep adding new users using the same method or finish the addition(s) by clicking the Done button.

Until the new member does not go through the invitation process, you will see a REINVITE button next to their name on the Groups page. If they fail to sign up via SAML SSO and their invitation times out, you can resend the invitation by clicking this button. Once they successfully sign up, the button disappears.

Joining a SAML SSO Workspace on Bitrise as a new member

If a Bitrise Workspace owner invites you to a Workspace, you should get an email invitation to join the Workspace via SAML SSO. Let’s see how!

  1. Go to your mailbox and find our email titled Saml invitation instructions.
  2. Click the Sign in via SSO button or copy the provided URL and paste it into a new browser. Our Almost there page appears.
  3. Provide a Username you would like to use in your Bitrise Workspace. Please use only letters, numbers, underscores (_), dashes (-) and dots (.) in your username. The Email field is non-editable.
  4. Click the Finish Sign up button. If all went well, you’re landing on Bitrise and can add your first app.

Checking SAML SSO statuses on Bitrise

Now that the Workspace owner has set up SAML SSO for the Workspace, all Workspace members (including the Workspace owner) can check their other Workspace member’s SAML SSO statuses on the People tab.

Accessing the Single Sign-On tab

Please note that the Single Sign-On tab is only available for the Workspace owner.

About SAML SSO statutes

There are two kinds of SAML SSO statutes on Bitrise.

If you are a Workspace member

  1. Go to your Workspace’s profile page.
  2. Click the People tab on the left menu to check the Workspace member’s SAML SSO status.

If you are a Workspace owner

  1. Go to your Workspace’s profile page.
  2. Click the Group tab on the left menu and look for the SAML users group, where you can check and manage your SAML users.
  3. Alternatively, click the People tab on the left menu to check the Workspace member’s SAML SSO status, such as Workspace members can do.
    You can also navigate to this page from the Single Sign-On page by clicking the Review Users buttons.

Workspace owners have the right to delete a Workspace member from a Workspace by clicking the cross next to the member’s name on the People tab.

Enforcing SAML SSO on a Workspace

Enforcing SAML SSO on your Workspace provides an extra layer of security: you can enforce your own security guidelines to your Bitrise Workspace (for example, password format requirements, two-factor authentication).

Enforced SAML SSO

Please note that enforcing SAML SSO in your Workspace makes SAML SSO the only way for logging in/signing up to the Workspace.

  1. Go to your Workspace’s Single Sign On tab.
  2. Toggle the switch to the right to enforce SAML SSO.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Turning SAML SSO enforcement on

To enforce SAML SSO on a Workspace in Bitrise, all Workspace members have to first enable their SAML SSO related to their Workspace, then the owner can enforce SAML SSO on the Workspace with a simple toggle.

  1. Go to your Workspace’s Single Sign-On tab.
  2. Toggle the switch to the right to enforce SAML SSO.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Now Workspace members can only log in via SAML SSO.

Adding a Bitrise user to a Workspace with enforced SSO

If you wish to add a Bitrise user (who is not a member in your Workspace) to your Workspace with enforced SSO, then we recommend that the Workspace admin turns the enforced SSO off and invites the user to the Workspace. The invited Bitrise user has to go through the invitation process and enable SSO connection. Once that is done, the Workspace admin can turn the Enforce SSO switch back on.

Can’t enforce SAML SSO on your Workspace?

A Workspace owner cannot enforce SAML SSO on the Workspace if Workspace members have not enabled their SAML SSO connection yet or they enabled SAML SSO with another Workspace.

Please note that you cannot be a member in two SAML SSO Workspace on Bitrise.

Logging in via SAML SSO with a Bitrise account

If the SAML SSO connection has been already added to your Workspace and you have enabled your SAML SSO connection too, you can easily log in to your Workspace without having to use a password and email address.

  1. Click Login via SSO on our login page. SAML SSO in Workspaces
  2. You will be redirected to the Initiate Single Sign-On page.
  3. Provide your Workspace name in the Bitrise Workspace’s Name field.
  4. Click Continue with SSO to log in.
    • If you’re logged in on your SSO provider site, you will be automatically landing on your Bitrise Dashboard.
    • If you’re logged out on your SSO provider site, you will be redirected there to log in. After the successful login, you will be redirected to your Bitrise dashboard.

Expired SAML SSO certificate

If your SAML SSO certificate has expired, and you cannot log into Bitrise through SAML SSO, you can contact our Support team to help you log in.

Disabling a Workspace’s SAML SSO

The Single Sign-On page is available for Workspace owners only. There you can see the red Disable SSO button. If you disable SAML SSO, Workspace members will be able to sign in with the regular sign-in procedure.

  1. Go to the Single Sign-On tab of your Workspace.
  2. Click Disable SSO.

    A confirmation pop-up appears where you can confirm/cancel your action. Please note that by clicking the Disable SSO button, you will disable SAML SSO for all Workspace members. Once it’s done, Workspace members will be able to log in through their normal Bitrise credentials.

How to disable when SAML SSO is enforced?

If SAML SSO has been enforced on the Workspace before, you have to first toggle the Enforce SAML SSO toggle to the left and then click the Disable SSO button.

You will receive an SSO has been disabled email from Bitrise ( which confirms the disabled SAML SSO for the Workspace.

Disabling one Workspace member’s SAML SSO

If you are a Workspace owner, you can disable a Workspace member’s SAML SSO connection to the Workspace on Bitrise.

There are three ways for Workspace owners to disable a member from SAML SSO on Bitrise: