Setting up OneLogin SSO for Bitrise

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on setting up Bitrise as a SAML application on OneLogin.

SAML SSO with Velocity and Enterprise Build plan

Please note that SAML SSO is only available for a Workspace with the Enterprise Build and Velocity plans.

Since the SAML SSO feature is tied to the above plans, if you decide to downgrade, you will lose this feature. All Workspace members will receive an email about the downgrade and you’ll have two weeks to re-upgrade if you wish to use SAML SSO in your Workspace again.

Before you start

Before connecting SAML SSO to your Workspace, make sure:

If you are a Workspace owner on Bitrise, you will have to use the Single Sign-On tab to set up a SAML SSO connection between your SAML SSO provider and your Bitrise Workspace.

  1. On your Bitrise Dashboard click your avatar, then click Account settings in the dropdown.
  2. The Overview page displays all the Workspaces you’re a member of. Select the Workspace where you wish to set up the SAML SSO connection.
  3. On the left menu bar, click the Single Sign-On which will take you to the Enable Single Sign-On page.
  4. Continue with Configuring Bitrise on OneLogin.

Configuring Bitrise on OneLogin

  1. Log into OneLogin as an Administrator.
  2. Click Administration on the top bar.

    Setting up OneLogin SSO for Bitrise

  3. Select Applications and click Add App. This will take you to the Find Applications page.

    Setting up OneLogin SSO for Bitrise

  4. Type Bitrise in the search bar and select the SAML2.0 type from the search results.

    Setting up OneLogin SSO for Bitrise

  5. Click the Configuration tab on the left sidebar. You can change the icon and add descriptions if you wish. Make sure Organization (Bitrise) is ticked. Hit Save.

    Setting up OneLogin SSO for Bitrise

  6. Click the Configuration tab again and paste the Assertion Consumer Service URL (ACS URL) from your Bitrise Workspace’s Single Sign-On tab to the Single Sign-On URL field on OneLogin. Hit Save in OneLogin.

    Setting up OneLogin SSO for Bitrise

  7. Select SSO on the left sidebar.
  8. Click the View details for the X.509 Certificate. Copy the content of the X.509 Certificate and paste it to the SAML SSO provider certificate field on the Enable Single Sign-On page of Bitrise.
  9. Go back to the SSO page on OneLogin and copy the SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) link. Paste it in the SAML SSO provider Single Sign-On URL (SSO URL) field on Bitrise.
  10. Go back to Bitrise and click Configure SSO.

Users on OneLogin and Bitrise

Make sure the users in your Bitrise Workspace are all added to the Users page on OneLogin. If not, go to Users, then New User and add the new user. Don’t forget to send out an invite (More actions drop-down menu, Send Invitation) to a new user so that the user can activate their account on OneLogin. Users must be added to the newly created Bitrise app by clicking Applications under User Info and clicking the + sign. Make sure the added users are all Workspace members on Bitrise.

If you’ve completed setting up Bitrise on OneLogin and connected it with your Bitrise Workspace, then all Workspace members will get an email from Bitrise which contains a link to activate their SSO connection to the Bitrise Workspace.

Enabling SAML SSO on Bitrise

All Workspace members (including the Workspace owner) must enable their SAML SSO connection to their Bitrise Workspace to use SAML SSO as a secure login method. Only once that’s done, can the Workspace owner enforce SAML SSO as the single gateway to the Workspace.

  1. Find the email from in your inbox.
  2. Click Sign in via SSO or open the URL in a new tab of the same browser where you are logged in.
  3. On the Almost there page you can edit your username. Click Finish Sign Up.

You should be landing on the Welcome page of Bitrise. Click Dashboard to land on your Workspace’s dashboard. If you go to your Workspace’s Groups tab, you can see that you are automatically added as a SAML user. All Workspace members, who enable SAML SSO, appear here automatically. From now on you can log into your Bitrise Workspace with SAML SSO.

Signing up to Bitrise with SAML SSO

If you’d like to learn more about SAML SSO on Bitrise, in particular, how to sign up to Bitrise with an Workspace’s SAML SSO, check out our SAML SSO in organizations guide.

What’s next?

You can track how other Workspace members are getting on with enabling their SAML SSO to Bitrise. This is important since the Workspace owner can only enforce SAML SSO on the Workspace if all Workspace members have enabled SAML.