Setting up Ping Identity SSO for Bitrise

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on setting up Bitrise as a SAML SSO application in Ping Identity.

This requires:

Adding Bitrise to Ping Identity

  1. Click APPLICATIONS on the top bar of PingOne.
  2. On My Applications tab, make sure SAML is selected. Click the Add Application drop-down and select New SAML Application.

  3. At Application Details, fill out the required fields and click Continue to Next Step.

  4. At Application Configuration, leave the I have the SAML configuration selected. Fill out the following:
    • Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) field: Insert the Single Sign-On URL link here from your Bitrise Organization’s Single Sign-On tab.

    • Entity ID field: Type Bitrise.
    • Signing: Click the Sign Response option.

      Here is an overview of the above settings:

  5. Continue to the next step.
  6. At SSO Attribute Mapping, you don’t have to change anything, proceed to the next step.
  7. At Group Access, add the group(s) to your application. These groups will be able to access Bitrise through SAML SSO. Continue to the next step.

  8. At the Review Setup page, you can doublecheck the details you provided in the previous steps. Make sure you download the following files from this review page:
    • Click Download to get the Signing Certificate and SAML Metadata files.

  9. Click Finish.
  10. Let’s open the two files.
    • Copy the entire content of the SAML Metadata file and paste it in the Certificate field of your Bitrise Enable Single Sign-On page.
    • Open the Signing Certificate file and copy the HTTP-POST SingleSignOnService Location link and paste it in the Identity provider sign-on URL field on Bitrise.

  11. Click Configure SSO on Bitrise.

Now you have set up SAML SSO on your Bitrise Organization. All there is left to do is enable it.

Enabling SAML SSO

Once the Organization owner has set up the connection between the SAML SSO provider and the Organization, Bitrise sends an email to all Organization members.

  1. Make sure you’re logged into Bitrise in the usual way. Use the same browser window to continue.
  2. Find the email from Bitrise ( You can click the Sign In via SSO button or copy-paste the URL to a NEW TAB of the same browser.

  3. Click Authorize.

You should be landing on the Organization’s Dashboard. From now on, you can use the Log in via SSO function to access your Organization on Bitrise.

You can check which Organization member has switched from the usual login flow to the SAML SSO one if you check their statuses on the People page. Once all in, you can enforce SAML SSO as the only gateway to the Organization.

Signing up to Bitrise with SAML SSO

If you’d like to learn more about SAML SSO on Bitrise, in particular, how to sign up to Bitrise with an Organization’s SAML SSO, check out our SAML SSO in organizations guide.