Teams and organizations overview

There are two types of accounts on Bitrise:

When signing up to Bitrise, you create an individual user account. Individual users can create their own applications or be invited to work on other applications.

Teams vs organizations

The most important concepts to managing apps on Bitrise are:

Teams: They are based on the applications: all users invited to work on a given app make up the team of the application. Owners and admins can assign roles on the teams.

Organizations: They are created by individual users. Organizations can have an unlimited number of members and can own and control an unlimited amount of apps. Organizations need their own payment plan: even if the organization’s creator is already subscribed to Bitrise, a separate payment plan must be set up for the organization itself.

Teams vs groups

Teams and groups are not the same! Groups are the main building blocks of organizations but by themselves have no powers: they need to be assigned to apps.

Organization members can be assigned to applications individually or as a group. The same organization group can have different roles on different application teams.

So here’s a quick summary of teams and organizations:

Teams Organizations
App-based Global
Roles assigned by the app’s admins or owners No inherent roles: just owners and members
Only have access to a single app Can own and control multiple apps

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