Running Detox tests on Bitrise

Detox is a gray box end-to-end tests and automation library for mobile apps. Currently, it is only supported for iOS apps built with React Native. If you have a React Native app for iOS on Bitrise, you can run Detox tests.

To see an example configuration, check out our sample app!

Running Detox requires:

Install and set up Detox for your project. You will need to install Homebrew, Node.js and applesimutils, as well as the Detox command line tools. Add Detox to your project and then create and run Detox tests locally.

Once you are done, you can test your Detox-configured project on Bitrise:

Video recording with Detox

Video recording with Detox does NOT work on Bitrise. Detox requires hardware acceleration but our machines - on which your build’s virtual machine runs - do not have physical GPUs. Therefore you cannot enable hardware acceleration on them.

  1. Create a release device configuration inside package.json under the detox section.


    "detox": {
     "configurations": {
       "ios.sim.debug": {
         "binaryPath": "ios/build/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/",
         "build": "xcodebuild -project ios/SampleProjectReactNative.xcodeproj -scheme SampleProjectReactNative -configuration Debug -sdk iphonesimulator -derivedDataPath ios/build -UseNewBuildSystem=NO",
         "type": "ios.simulator",
         "name": "iPhone 8"
       "ios.sim.release": {
         "binaryPath": "ios/build/Build/Products/Release-iphonesimulator/",
         "build": "xcodebuild -project ios/SampleProjectReactNative.xcodeproj -scheme SampleProjectReactNative -configuration Release -sdk iphonesimulator -derivedDataPath ios/build -UseNewBuildSystem=NO",
         "type": "ios.simulator",
         "name": "iPhone 8"
  2. On, go to your project and open the Workflow Editor.
  3. Switch to the workflow you want to use.
  4. Add a Run npm command Step to your workflow.
  5. Add the Detox install command to the The npm command with arguments to run input:

    install -g detox-cli
  6. Install a test runner.

    For example, our sample app uses mocha, installed with the yarn Step. To install yarn dependencies, just set the The yarn command to run input’s value to install.

  7. Add a Script Step to install the necessary utilities and then run Detox.

    # applesimutils is a collection of utils for Apple simulators
    brew tap wix/brew
    brew install applesimutils
    # we are building and testing a release device configuration
    detox build --configuration ios.sim.release
    detox test --configuration ios.sim.release --cleanup

    You can, of course, put each of these commands in separate Script Steps, for the sake of modularity.

  8. Run a build!

If the build fails, check out our example bitrise.yml file:

    - activate-ssh-key: {}
    - git-clone:
        - clone_depth: ''
        title: Git Clone Repo
    - yarn@0.0.8:
        - command: install
    - npm@1.0.1:
        - command: install -g detox-cli
        title: Install Detox CLI
    - script@1.1.5:
        - content: |-
            brew tap wix/brew
            brew install applesimutils
            detox build --configuration ios.sim.release
            detox test --configuration ios.sim.release --cleanup
        title: Detox - Build and Test Release App
    - deploy-to-bitrise-io@1.3.18: {}